Astonishingly horrid images, I know. I must've had the camera on manual focus. And, well, I didn't want to put all that corset, etc, back on to take more pictures. I have questions:

1) A friend gave me this sweet little collar, obviously designed for a v-neck. I've been dying to use it on something. Do you think it works for this dress, or will it work better on a silk? Also, the "v" is fine, isn't it? Doesn't need to be deeper?

2) Fitting. Ok, it's been a long time since I made a fitted dress and I've...erm...expanded somewhat since the baby -- most predominantly in the bust area. While I'm not terribly disappointed to have a bigger bustline, it did put me in a lurch when it came to fitting a pattern. I only had one bodice pattern, already cut to size. Tried and true it was -- but not with my new figure. So I enlarged and then pared it down bit by bit. the armscyes look too tight in the back? (It doesn't feel tight because the fabric stretches ever so slightly.) Armscyes are my most dreaded fitting area. I'd hate to cut too much out or I'll have this huge sleeve top.

3) About the sleeve. I wanted to do this type of sleeve (top right of the Simplicity pattern, shown at left), but now I'm starting to wonder if all those pretty gathers would just get lost amidst the contrasty plaid. What do you think? I love the visual effect a lot of these 19th c. patterns have -- and I don't want to take away from it. Maybe it'd work better in a solid?

Hmmm....what to do...


Historical Ken said...

Amy -
My wife used this pattern - the smaller pic inserted - scroll down to the pic of she and I:

Robin's Egg Bleu said...

It's a beautiful pattern, but I am not too sure about using it with a wool. I think it's better suited for a silk and might some off as too fussy. It also seems a bit girlish. I like the collar a lot. I think if you use that collar, a simple coat sleeve might look more elegant. Sometimes less is more.

It's going to be lovely I can tell. And I don't think it looks too tight in the armscye.

Lauren said...

I would save the collar for silk. I think it's pretty, but it just doesn't quite work with the wool :-)

Mrs. G said...

Amy, I think the neckline looks fine and the collar does too, so either switch it out or don't! :-) I vote for simple coat sleeves, Robin is right, sometimes less *is* more. The armscye looks fine and you look great!

Sarah said...

Amy it looks beautiful! You amaze me with your talent. I wish my bodices fit so nicely.

I personally love V necklines since I think they are so much more flattering. I think the collar looks very nice too. Is it on a bastable band? That way you can use it for both this dress as well as a silk one.

I also vote for coat sleeves. Maybe ones with a scoopy shaped wrist line with some pretty undersleeves. I love coat sleeves. :) I love the sleeve style you originally wanted but I too think it would look better in something other than a plaid or check.