Wool Plaid Bodice

Thanks for the comments on my bodice questions everyone! It really helped me mull this out.
I hope y'all had a bountiful Thanksgiving.

Well, I've been thinking and thinking while I've stitched my bodice together. (Thank goodness for a 4-day weekend!) I think I will use this collar for now on this dress, but add a bias band to it so I can just tack it on. Then, maybe I can make a fine cotton embroidered collar to wear with it more permanently and use the lacy one for either a silk (I have some plaid silk waiting to be made up) or my blue cotton lawn in the spring. But I'll use this one for now since I don't have time to make a collar for it before December 10th.

On the sleeves, I decided on a regular coat sleeve, but a little skinnier, cut on the bias with a ruched ribbon up the side seam. Lacking time to purchase any silk ribbon, I contented myself with using the un-period grosgrain ribbon from Hancocks. Can't have it all, I suppose. I would have waited and gone to the event plain, but the plaid really needed something for trim.

The armscyes seem slightly tight, but I'm able to do everything without being too constricted. I can pick up the baby and move around comfortably. Thank the Lord for small blessings. I loathe armscyes and especially having to re-do armscyes.

Well, I'm off to finish the skirt and attach it to the bodice, then on to baby clothes...



Mrs. G said...

OK, I'm lovin that! It turned out really well, I like the ruched ribbon, just the right touch!

Robin's Egg Bleu said...

It's gorgeous! I can't wait to see you all finished!

Emily said...

Lovely! I love about anything plaid. The lace collar looks very nice on it.

Emma said...

Your dress looks like it will be lovely!

Have fun at Ft. Washita! Now I'm even more sorry I'm going to have to miss it this year now I hear you're going. :/

Amy said...

Thanks all! I'm kind of loving' how it turned out too. When you make something up in a hurry, you sometimes have to hope for the best.

Aw, Emma, that's so sweet! I sure would love to see you again. Are you *sure* you can't make it? ;)

Emma said...

Sadly I am prevented from coming to Ft. Washita because of my job. My "weekend" is on Thu and Fri and I work Sat and Sun. But I do live a lot further south than I used to so if you get lonesome down there and would like a visitor, drop me a line. ;)

Lady Kara said...

I love it! So Anne Bronte-ish.

God bless.