Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy start to the holiday season. Thanksgiving has long been my favorite holiday -- even before Christmas! -- simply because it's when the year begins to wind down to a close. The days might technically be going by faster (since they're shorter), but life seems slower to me.

Perhaps that's because I refuse to take part in the hustle and bustle that the holidays usually generate. There was a time when Christians didn't celebrate Christmas or Thanksgiving, but I like to think that Christians were (are) still always striving to be in a mindset of thanks-giving -- thanks to God for the great bounty He has given us.

So, in the midst of a commercial holiday season where the hustle and bustle is strong and stress can be high, remember the many blessings, large and small, you've been given this year -- not the least of which is the great blessing of opening your eyes to another morning free to worship our Lord God.

So from our family to yours -- Happy Thanksgiving!


Lauren said...

Happy Happy Thanksgiving to you too :-)

Mrs. G said...

Happy Thanksgiving to You and Your family from Us and Ours!

Historical Ken said...

A very Happy Thanksgiving!!