new corset - progress

Oh the joys of making a corset.  The top and bottom are not bound yet, but the corset is boned, eyelets and busk are put in.  I copied the pattern from the old corset, then took a bit in at the waist.  Unfortunately, it seems I took too much in (gotta be super careful when altering patterns!) and this corset it super-tight.  It's not horrible, but I have a feeling it's going to make my ribs a little sore if I don't alter it some.

Methinks I should have considered altering the lower part to accommodate hips more so that the flesh displaced from the waist area has somewhere to go.  I'm trying to achieve a nipped-in waist to help accentuate my less-than-expansive bosom and give me more of an 1860s shape.  For one who is shaped rather like a fluffy surfboard, any shape is better than no shape.  And I do so love that hourglass shape from the 1860s.

Anyway...what do you think?


Samantha said...

wow, that looks really lovely! i really love the cording in the bust gussets! i would recommend, if possible, adding gussets to the hips. my corset is now unwearable because it is just too darn tight there and it HURT! i cut two slits, one on either side, just to see what would happen if i added hip gussets. not only was it more comfortable, but it amplified the hourglass look. having a wider "top" and "bottom" of your hourglass will make the narrow part (your waist) look even narrower. of course, now i have to wear a cut-up corset until i get around to making a new one...!

Unknown said...

I just found your darling blog, and became your newest follower. Everything here is so pretty! I look forward to reading your future posts soon. I hope you are enjoying the countdown to Christmas.
Chloe xx

Scene in the Past said...

What Samantha said! :) It's looking really gorgeous, though. Your workmanship is so pretty. Hip gussets will also make sure that you can sit down comfortably. When the hip is too tight, when you sit the whole corset will try to push up - pinching ribs at the waist and doing weird things to the bust.

Rachel said...

What an absolutely gorgeous corset! The lines, oh the lines are so divine! I love the pictures. So beautiful! I have that darn small bust issue as well. Any suggestions? I look like a soldier instead of a lady sometimes! lol

Amy said...

Thanks ladies! I made some adjustments to my corset as you'll see in the next post. Whew, does it need some alterations!

Chloe - welcome! Glad to have you, and thank you so much for following.

Alex Dumpfree said...

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