I have been sewing since I can remember, often creating doll clothes on the floor next to my mother's sewing machine.  My mother was always sewing or crocheting or knitting, and her mother and my other grandmother and aunts as well.  So I guess it's in the genes.

My "real" career is a graphic designer, but that got turned on its head in September 2012, when I had to give up my job in Corporate America and my dream of being a stay-at-home mom fell right into my lap.  I threw myself into housekeeping and laundry and meals, but the creative bug never would let me be still for too long.  I started formalizing the patterns for underclothes and dresses I made for Victoria for 1860s wear, and I sell e-patterns for small children from my other website/blog, Thistle & Lilly.

My desire is always to create a quite and peaceful life for my family and I (and pretty things to go in it).  I hope you enjoy your visit!

xoxo Amy

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