new corset - begin again

After reading the comments from my previous post -- and thank you for the compliments on the style, by the way!) -- I endeavored to see how this corset would do with gussets in the hips.  I made a slit on either side of the corset and this is what happened:

Poof!  Hips came flaring out.  Obviously I need hip gussets.  Sitting down became instantly easier.  Corset sat down further than it did previously, so I need to lengthen the corset a tad.  Ribcage is still too tight, but I think that can be solved with a larger corset.

Now I have a decision.  I could use this same corset pattern (which is actually based on a later version, 1870s, actually), or since I have substantial hip flare that I didn't want to admit I had, I could try the 1864 corset from V&A that I've been dying to try out:

I don't have blue silk to make it out of (and I want a white corset anyway, since I plan on some white sheer bodices in the future) but it is such a pretty style, don't you think?  I'm not sure how it would feel with the bones ending so sharply at the hip like that.  I fear it would dig into my waist.  But it's still a beautiful corset.

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Scene in the Past said...

Don't be scared by the hips! That's natural when you pull in the waist, but let the hips do what they need to. And it's an awesome skirt support. :D That is a gorgeous corset... and I really doubt the bones will do any digging in. That's not something I've ever heard of with one like this.