Gent's Drawers - Original Pattern

In May 1864, the Sanitary Commission put out a pattern for "Flannel Drawers". Looking for an easier/quicker pattern than the Past Patterns I'd made up a year ago, I consulted with the wise folks at the Sewing Academy and was given this pattern as an alternative. I finished it in two nights, and that was while I was also replacing a collar on DH's shirt, making up a quick apron for myself from the remaining shirt fabric, and eeking out one more buttonhole on my wrapper (5 down, 23 to go). :::whew!:::

So here's the pattern and the final product. It fits nicely. DH is pleased.

Edited to add the instructions:

Required for each pair of Drawers. 1 tape stay, one inch long, (for opening in back.), 3 knots linen thread, 3 black bone buttons, Narrow tape for back of waistband (18 inches long). Directions for Making.—If the flannel to be used is less than thirty inches wide, put the point at the back close to the edge of the flannel and piece the fronts, as shown by the dotted lines above. The opening below the waistband in the back should be four inches long. The opening in front should be seven inches long and faced with flannel or silesia, two inches wide. Two buttons should be put on the waistband in front, and one on the opening below. There should be four eyelet holes on each side of the waistband behind. Waistbands should be lined with silesia. Drawers to be closed to the ankle, and finished with hem.



Sarah said...

Your blog is absolutely lovely! And SO inspiring. I LOVE your nightgown. . anyway, this post is so helpful since I've struggled with making comfortable drawers for my hubby and for the last few years he has gone with modern underclothes. I can't wait to try this pattern. It looks great!

Amy said...

I'm glad you can find it useful! I will add the instructions to the post, too...I forgot that part. :)