1860s Nightgown

A while ago, I created a full length nightgown based on an original "short nightdress" of the 1860s. I've seen some of these in Godey's 1860 and 1861 in the book "Fashions and Costumes from Godey's Lady's Book" by Stella Blum This was a truly fun project to do, because it had such fabulous tuck detail on the yoke and cuffs. Many many tucks, I say (tucks and pleats seem to be my lot in life), and it took quite a while to finish. But overall, it turned out pretty close to the original here:

Here are pics of the reproduction:

I'm standing funny, apparently, because mine doesn't have the "flare out" from the yoke that the original has. Another annoyance (because I'm a perfectionist) is that I didn't get that deep curve in the front of the yoke done like the original. But oh well. It's a warm, comfortable nightgown that I've even worn at home during cold weather. Enjoy!