child's gaiter shoes - finished!

At long last.  My girl is now shod.  Let's just pray she doesn't step in horse poop the first morning out.

* * * * *

And ooh, look!  I found another design for a gaiter!  Unfortunately, I didn't remember to write down what fashion magazine it came from.  Petersons or Godey's.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful shoes. Your daughter is one lucky girl.

Sarah W said...

How sweet! So pretty and well made - they look just the thing :)

Stephanie said...

Hi there! I happened to come across your blog and I find it quite fascinating so I became a follower:) These shoes are incredibly creative and beautiful! Your work is wonderful.

Time Traveling in Costume said...

I don't have kids, although I do some CW reenacting. But these almost make me wish I did. Maybe I can find some kidlet and steal their feet.

Amy said...

Thanks all! Val - I think when the ultrasound said I was going to have a girl, I immediately started dreaming of all the fun stuff I could make her. :) A boy would have been fun, too, but I am sure glad I had a little girl to sew for.