Finally Catching My Breath.

Wel, after a month or so of throat viruses, ear infections, strep throat, nursing strikes/early weaning (which is still going on, by the way, although we're at least nursing during the night), I just had a serious reality-check about a reenactment that is coming up at the end of April which has put me full-force into the throes of sewing.  Because I have a little girl who is now pulling up and cruising around and 24" long infant gowns are not going to do the trick for her independent little self.  That, and it'll be warm at the reenactment I bet.

Thus, I've shortened my girl.

A bittersweet thing, isn't it?  But it's hard to feel tragic for long, because she's so sweet in her new shorter petticoat and soft stays that I could just eat her up!  I shortened her skirts to 14.5" -- they come to just above her ankle.  Not so great for crawling, because they still get in the way, but she'll find so much more freedom to toddle, grab, and chew on her little "feetsies"...whichever suits her fancy at the time.

I got inspiration for her new yellow and green dress from this:

Shortened the sleeves, of course, and made it to fit a baby (because the original looks to me more like a young girl, rather than an infant.  Here is a pic of her wearing it today.  I hope to get more at the reenactment.

And one of her petti and soft stays:

And one of her being silly while sitting with daddy in the rocker:

I've also been busy with a navy blue with white polka dot dress that has white soutache trim all around the hem.  For Victoria, of course.  I mean, who could possibly have the time to do that around the hem of a ladies' dress??  It took me 2.5 weeks just to get 86" done.  But it looks stunning...if I say so myself.  I don't have pictures yet -- sorry! -- because the dress isn't done yet.  It's still very much in pieces.

And I've also completed a pair of drawers for my darling man.  He's been needing a new pair.

Well, I'm off to visit 1862.  Y'all be good.


Deanna said...

you are one talented Lady!!!
Beautiful outfits...your little daughter is adorable and looks soooo cute in her outfit.

God bless you,

Sarah said...

Oh My GOODNESS! Amy, Victoria is just the cutest thing EVER! That dress you made her is perfect in every way. I love it! Can't wait to see pics from your reenactment and also of the polka dot dress once you have it finished! Have a great time!

Atlanta said...

Victoria and her outfits are just too darling for words! That yellow dress- and her underthings! I don't know which I love more!

I so wish we could go this weekend.
*frustrated sigh* Have an extra-fun time for all of us - and let us know how it all turns out! :^)

Robin's Egg Bleu said...

ABSOLUTELY precious and adorable! And I just love her legs! What a little golden nugget she is, just a peach...her dress is fabulous

Mrs. G said...

Well, what else can I add to what's already been said? She *is* too cute for words in her pretty new clothes, good job Amy! :-)

Sarah W said...

LOVELY! Soooo cute, and perfect. Very, very well done.

Lauren said...

Soooo cute! I love her cheeks :-D

Me said...


Every time a see a picture of your sweet little girl, my heart just melts! And, that dress is BEAUTIFUL!

Emily said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!!