My Life - May 1-7

 Just another little "My Life In Pictures".  I'm obviously not good at documenting each week, but the pictures I do have are a great snapshot of a week in our lives.

{ Victoria thoroughly enjoying the mirror at our B&B last weekend }

{ My friend Paula. }

{ A visitor to our butterfly sanctuary -- oops, I mean the tree that's blossoming out back. }

 { Tomato, tomato.  Oh how I love thee.  Ripen soon, so that I may eat thee. }

{ Our first garden.  It ain't much; but it's ours.  And I love it.  We have lots of gifted tomato plants, bell pepper, various hot peppers, squash, zucchini, and I recently got four okra plants, because no Texas garden should ever be without okra. }

{ Working mom. }

{ My little cherub.  You are the light of my life! }


Mrs. G said...

I never get tired of seeing Victoria's smiling face, her grin is positively contagious! I take it she must be feeling better? I thought about y'all this weekend and hoped she was in health.

Rachel said...

I can not believe your tomatoes are up so far! Okay, maybe I can believe it, but I am very jealous over it! It snowed here again last night!

Love Paula's dress . . .

Amy said...

Snow!? In May!? I tell you what if I lived where it snowed in May I wouldn't know what to do with myself. :) One time, a couple years ago, it snowed on Easter and we all were so bewildered by the miracle that all we could do was sit and stare at it like a bunch of monkeys. Hee hee...

We're already pretty warm here (hence the wildly growing tomatoes, which were actually pretty mature already when we got them, thanks to a greenhouse). We're at 78-81 degrees most afternoons these days. Summertime trudgeth forth.