Quiet Friday

Well, sort of.  I'm still on the clock, but my mind is already wandering to this weekend when the family and I go out to my dad's farm to help him pull down an old storage building.  I'll mainly be on childcare duty (naturally), but it'll be fun to get Victoria out in the wilderness.  We got to enjoy the farm recently at our friend Gerald's house, and she loved seeing the goats!  Here are some snaps of the visit:

My little cowgirl and handsome cowboy.

Slicing cucumber for the cucumber salad I'm going to tote out to the farm.   Yum.

Trying my hand at crochet again; it's been years.  I've had very little time to sew lately, but crochet has been one of those activities that can be started and stopped at a moment's notice.  To make it easy on myself, I'm making a baby blanket from this Japanese sewing book.  (Look at the third image in the listing - the one-color blanket.)  It says "One Week Baby Crochet".  A week??  Pfft.  Whatever.

Now if I can just get Victoria to leave my skeins alone.  She's as bad as a cat.  :)


Gibson Girl Edwardian Fashion said...

I must ask, what is that filter you have on the photos (seems to maybe darken the corners and yellow the overall tint?) I notice lots of people use it and don't know how to create it without some Photoshop hassle. It's being used to often I assume some program must do it automatically?

Amy said...

Hi Gibson Girl! I, too, have tried these effects in Photoshop and it takes so long to do, so what I found was a little app called Flare and another called Photo Effect Studio. Both of them can add filters and effects on your photos easily and I just love them. They might only be Mac based...not sure.