Child's Paletot: Third Mockup

I mocked up the sleeve and collar.  Wahoo!  The next fun thing is mocking up the sleeve cuff and then transfer the pattern to my gridline interfacing to make an official pattern.

I wasn't going to put the collar on because I love the idea of having bands of contrasting fabric to go across the chest as a trimming, which a collar would just get in the way of.  However, since some of the original engravings I've seen have collars on paletots for young girls, I gave it a try.  You can see a selection of period engravings in my post here.

Now that the collar is on, I rather like it, especially with the pretty dip in the back.  There is a 1/2" seam allowance still on the edge of the collar, so it'll be slightly less wide when complete.

What do you think?

I still need to fix the hemline.  I followed the original pattern for the hem and it's really wonky on a real person.  I'm going to even it out some, but will probably end up making it an 1" longer than what you see here.  She's already taking after me with regards to height.

Take care all.  Sorry for the new blog theme change.  I can't decide on a new look for the blog.  Ha!



Sarah said...

I think this looks great! I do like the cape collar very much, and besides looking very pretty, it will add an extra layer of warmth around her shoulders/torso too. And what golden red curls! You have a very pretty little lady on your hands, Amy!

Maureenie said...

I love love love it Amy!
Well done!
I agree with Sarah Jane....You do have a very pretty little lady there!
How old is she?
I have a 5 yr.old and a 19 month old girls.

Amy said...

Thanks ladies! I'm definitely going to do the cape collar. I like it too. I just didn't think I would until I mocked it up.

Rhonda, Victoria is 21 months old -- just about to be 22 months. Can't believe she's nearly 2 years old. The time goes by so fast.


Rachel said...

It looks fabulous!
I can not wait to see the finished project.