Happy Anniversary, dear Husband!  So much has happened in three years.  Thanks for doing all you do for us.  I do love you so very much; and I thank God for bringing you into my life.

And happy Passover!  We are celebrating Passover this year (because we don't celebrate Easter) by spending today and the next 10 days remembering the sacrifice that Christ made for us, and celebrating His resurrection from the grave.  We don't have a particular meal, or celebrate it in the traditional way, but we are attempting to avoid leavening for the 10 days as a symbol of "cleaning out" sin from our lives.  And I love bread, so it's a huge sacrifice for me.  :)  (Especially since Keith and I are going out to eat for our anniversary tonight and we won't get to eat any hot rolls!)  I know that we humans sin constantly, but I hope these 10 days serve to make me more aware of my sin by reminding me of God's Great Sacrifice.  I could never imagine letting my sweet child hang on a cross to die for others.  It's painful and humbling, convicting.  Yet, so beautiful!  Despite the pain in the world, we have a wonderful reason for joy.

Mrs. G has a great post over at her blog about the origins of Easter -- worth the read!

Many blessings and love to you all.



Cynthia Griffith said...

Happy Anniversary, and Best Wishes! :)

Mrs. G said...

Happy Anniversary to you both!

Unknown said...

This has been a grand post. Can not wait till I can say such things to some one. Do drop in!!