What We've Been Doing...

{ Well, it was bound to happen at some point. }

{ New toy box made by her Pop!  It's full already.  I think toys secretly multiply at night. }

{ You didn't know they had period-correct Frito's did you? }

Getting ready for a new work week around here.  I wish the weekend had been a little longer.  I got a lot done, but still don't feel like I was very productive. least now...I have fresh bread rising in the oven!  There's something.  I had a wonderful time at the baby shower for Brad and Stephanie yesterday (whose baby decided to make her entrance...10 weeks early)!  Hopefully their little Sadie will be coming home within a couple of weeks, since she's doing incredibly well.  God is so very Good.

Take care all!

Love, Amy


Annette Bethke said...

She is just showing off her artistic side!

Sarah said...

Very nice! It does sound like you got a lot done this weekend. Homemade bread. . .ymmm!! I need to make some today if I can find the motivation - the stuff from last week is hard and crusty now.

Bethany Lynn said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog, Amy! I will update on the progress I make on the sheer dress as much as I can. I look forward to seeing yours finished!


P.S.: Your daughter looks so lovely in your handiwork!

Maureenie said...

I love the drees your little girl is wearing on the last photo! Did you make it?

Amy said...

Hi Rhonda - Thank you! Yes, I made that yellow dress. I got inspired by an original on the Wisconsin Historical Society site. Her'es the link to my original post on it, in case you're interested:

Maureenie said...

Thank-you so much, Amy, for posting the link about the yellow dress....I love it!Maybe someday I'll make my little girls dresses just like it! Ha!( I don't really think so, but it would be wonderful if I could)