Quick post here -- I'm in the midst of figuring out (ie: madly sewing) something to wear to our event the 2nd weekend in December and I need help with a coat sleeve. I want to make the coat sleeve that has the outside seam of the back sleeve somehow cut fuller so that it can be gathered into the front piece. But I don't have any time in my schedule to try and draft/mock-up something.

Does anyone out there have a pattern they could scan me (even if it's hand-drawn and scaled down) or email me (or snail-mail me)?

Cheers, y'all. ;)



Vande Historic Costuming said...

Do you have a picture of what you mean?

Sarah said...

If you already have a two piece coat sleeve pattern, could you slash the sleeve portion you want gathered to the opposite edge and spread the to-be-gathered edge a bit, to give you fullness in that spot? (I hope I am explaining what I mean, it's so hard to write it!) I have never made this sleeve style but have thought a lot about how I would do it, since I too love the look and plan to do it on a future dress.

Amy said...

Sorry ladies -- I apparently am not getting notifications of any comments posted on here, so just now saw them. I tried to find a photo, for I was sure I'd seen it in one of my books. Annette mentioned that a Simplicy pattern has it, and I found it...but at further examination, the back piece of the sleeve is gathered pretty fully into the armscye. My wool is not too heavy, but I'm afraid that it would not drape nicely being so heavily gathered into the armscye.

I'm afraid I might go ahead and try your "slash and spread" suggestion, Sarah. I've done that once before, but not on a sleeve. I'll give it a shot. I have the Past Patterns coat sleeve I could try it on.

Wish me luck!! :)