Wool Infant Petticoat

My project this week has been to work on a wool underdress for Baby, since the babe will be 4-5 months old during our cold-weather reenactments. It'll be nice and toasty, but since the fabric isn't too thick, it shouldn't be hot. I made it using Elizabeth Stewart Clark's "Infant Linens" pattern (shown) I happened to have this lovely, soft cream-colored wool I bought off a friend 4-5 years ago, and thought it would make a lovely quilted petticoat, and maybe a tiny paletot and hood. (Not very practical, I know, but think of the pictures!) I know I'm not likely to have this much time on my hands ever again, so I'm enjoying this all-too-brief moment of bliss -- creating clothes for my Little Darling.

I did machine quilting on the skirt, rather than doing it by hand. I've seen an original petticoat that was quilted by machine, so I felt pretty confident doing it this way. It's not perfectly symmetrical, but that gives it character. :) The skirt still needs to be attached to the bodice, and all the buttons/buttonholes/shoulder straps need to be added to the bodice, so I'll probably be finishing it up at the reenactment this weekend and posting pictures of the finished garment next week.

I also hope to work a little on my long-neglected straw bonnet this weekend, too, if I find myself with free time. I'm not far from being done stitching the plaits down, and I'm Super Excited about how it'll look when done. I've made 1 other straw bonnet, but it was a commission so I never got to wear it. I've never had one myself. I bet it's so light and pleasant in the warm weather.

Until next time...God Bless!


Anonymous said...

My gosh, is that the wool flannel I gave you? I'd forgotten all about it! That's adorable!

Amy said...
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Amy said... this who I think it is? Incognito, huh? :)

This is the wool...but it's not wool flannel -- it's a twill weave, looks like. But yes, it's that wool I bought off your brother who had extra left over from the Roman Centurion costume.

Annette Bethke said...

Very nice. It should serve very well.

Lauren said...

That is so pretty. I also love the maternity dress below. You look lovely!