Battle for Pleasant Hill

Greetings everyone! Well, I'm back from the Pleasant Hill, LA reenactment and it's been so long since I've been camped out at a reenactment that it's taken me since Monday to recover. I was truly Wiped Out. But we had a great time, nonetheless. Weather cooperated (although it was a little warm on Saturday) and a cool front moved in late Saturday night. We got a sprinkle of rain early Sunday morning, making Keith fly out of bed with fears that we had stuff getting rained on that shouldn't be rained on. But at least he was awake to help me with the fire that morning -- a task which had me so upset Saturday morning that I was already saying "I want to go home!"

Here are some pictures. Now that I'm going through them, I realize what a dismal photographer I am: I completely forgot to take pictures of some of the monuments there, and the old houses with bullet holes. I can reasonably tell how to "frame" a shot, but my brain apparently doesn't look for photo opportunities very well. I guess because I'd seen the old houses before, I didn't think to photograph them. But now I don't have them for posterity. Or for all of you to see! Sigh.

Here's our first reenacting "home"! Since our wedding 1 year ago, this is the first we've gotten to stay in it. Keith did a fabulous job on it.
Neat shot of our artillery after they fired a volley.
Cavalry is so cool!!
The below photo was taken at about 100 yards away. Maybe more, actually. I have a new camera, so I was seeing how well it took at a distance. I'm amazed!
This is our captain, Jack Strain. He had to be Yankee at this one, but we'll forgive him. ::wink:: He's a rather famous Civil War painter -- check out his website!
Getting ready to march on the field. They're behind the artillery lines, which is why its so foggy. But I do love some of those foggy photos.
Our boys taking a shot.
Another far-away shot. I'm in love with this camera.
I'm a widow. Sob! See the straw hat and the boot sticking up towards the back of this "pile"...just about where that other fella in blue pants is falling down? Yeah, that's my man.
Lovely shot of a man trying to ease a "dying" man's pain
We have a few musicians in our group. The one in the center is our bugler -- and he's really good. He can play anything, I think. And he always gets applause after he's done playing Taps or Revele (sp?).
Keith tirelessly stoking the fire. We had green timber for our fire. Not fun.
Our mighty mounted boys. Captain Strain went Confederate on Sunday and here he is with his unit.


Jennifer J. said...

What an amazing experience! I'm glad you had such a good time. One of these days I hope to go to Pleasant Hill too; I had 4 ancestors fighting in that campaign! Your pictures really brought the action to life.

Annette Bethke said...

I really miss Pleasant Hill; just further than I can travel right now. Glad you had a good time! I'll be at Mexia (helping out as a THC employee) and will have the green sheer with me. Maybe Temple as well, not sure on that yet. See ya there.

Jennifer J. said...

PS Miss Amy, I hope to meet you at Mexia (perhaps our mutual friend Annette B. could introduce us?) I've really enjoyed your blog!

Amy said...

Hi Jennifer - Yes, I'd be so glad to meet you! I'm with the 7th Texas Cavalry, but I'm not sure how many of our people will be there (thus, we may not have flags up). I'll look for Annette and her green sheer and maybe we can all hook up. If all else fails, just ask around for 7th Texas Cavalry and Amy McKinney. Someone is bound to find me. :)

Annette - I'll be looking for you! I can't believe it's been a whole year...(and only a year since my wedding there!)...but what a beautiful event it was. If only I could wear my wedding ball dress. I never got to wear it a second time's coming! See you soon!

lissawi said...

Looks like you had a great time! I'm so jealous that you all have started your season already! I can't wait!

Historical Ken said...

Our season begins in May - I'm jealous!
Your pictures are fine - - - some real nice shots, even if they are of Rebs (just kidding...put that musket down!)