Musing over a future project...

Maybe it's weird, but I've always wanted a homemade set of bed sheets. Linen bedsheets, that is, with some fancy work on the edge. It has always seemed so romantic and old fashioned. The right kind of linen can be very soft, and I hear quite luxurious, but where to start? I wonder if you can get linen in widths befitting a sheet (like you can get cotton quilt backing pretty wide). Seems no fun to have to piece a bed sheet together.


Even more fun might be to have a contrasting duvet cover with matching shams for the pillows. (See below.) We have four pillows on our bed and I always try to find ways to cover them up with the quilt because they don't have shams. Call me over-sensitive, but there it is. I like matching shams. But when you have a homemade quilt that someone gave you, it's nearly impossible to have shams to match.

Hm. Gotta keep thinking on this one.

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