Gearing up for Pleasant Hill, LA!

Here's praying that we have good weather. I can handle hot, but not humid, heat-stroke heat; I can handle cold, but not wet, muddy, rainy cold. All I ask, Lord, is that it's decent enough to endure the 145th Anniversary of this event. I am tickled this reenactment takes place on the real battlefield, complete with battle scars in the outlying buildings. Any other Texas reenactors out there reading this planning to go?

So I finished my wrapper last night. Yay! It's one of the two dresses I'll be able to wear at the reenactment. The other one is a horrible red plaid that I took apart and made bigger to fit my new body. Still, it can sit nicely above the bump now and not ride up too much at the ankles; plus, an apron will hide most of the ragged re-work I did and makes it look a little better. The wrapper turned out very nice. I cartridge pleated both the waist and the top of the sleeves (I'd never done sleeves like that before) and did the lace-up lining on the bodice like the original had. I've shown two pictures -- one on a non-pregnant body, and one on the current body with its ever-expanding frontage. There's plenty of room for more bump, thank goodness. I feel like I'm bigger than most women are at 25 weeks. But, alas, the midwife says I'm normal so I'll trust her.

Also got buttons and buttonholes on two new shirts for my darling husband. He's pleased. He's been going without decent shirts for quite a while now, and these have been done, but lacking the buttons, for several months. I'm glad to finally have them off my plate. I still need to make him several more pairs of undies, plus a couple of flannel shirts for winter. He gets hot quickly, though, even in cold weather, so I'm hesitant to make more than one at first until we know what works for him. I do have the one piece of brown wool flannel, though, so at least I have a head start.

And we finally have a trailer!! Yay! With plates even, which we thought weren't going to make it in in time. It's a 5'x8' enclosed trailer with a side-door. Keith has been happily dragging reenacting gear out of our shed and putting it into the trailer and organizing it (he's OCD that way). And even more reenacting gear that has been packed in our closets is now getting slowly piled up in our living room, in preparation to go out to the trailer. But I still need to get all our cookware packed up. Unfortunately, we use several of our reenacting skillets for home use too, so I can't really pack them until right before we leave.

So, I think I have everything finished for the reenactment, so I'm glad to not have to rush. We leave early Friday morning for the trip -- it's about 5 hours for us, I think -- so hopefully we'll still get a good spot. I'm excited! I haven't been to a reenactment since December.

Well, that's all for now!


Historical Ken said...

I really like the shirts you made for your husband. I hope to have my wife sew me a new shirt.
Does your husband portray a civilian or military?

Amy said...

He's military. Our unit is cavalry, but we have both mounted and dismounted, so for now he's unhorsed, although he will hop on a horse any time someone has a horse to spare. :) This shirt pattern was the "Shirt On The Square" from Galla Rock Mercantile (but it seems they're either out of business or website is down). Keith likes it pretty well.

Me said...


The re-enactment sounds so very fun! Oh, I hope that you both really enjoy yourselves! :0)

Sarah said...

I love your gowns! You look so lovely with your darling precious Baby Bump! :) I realy like the shirts you made as well. Seeing these projects has inspired me to start on our things for this year (I'm SUCH a procrastinator!) :)