Our New Lamps

We've finally gotten in our 5 Aladdin table lamps, and we wanted to put one together and light it to see how it looks. It's as bright as a light bulb! These lamps are super-fantasimo because they burn a variety of oils and gets its brightness by using a mantle as well as the wick. We'll be getting shades to go with them, but for now, we just have the bare brass lamp. We'll be using these in the winter when electricity is h-i-g-h in our neck of the woods. It adds such a sweet old-fashioned-ness to the house. :)


Mrs. G said...

I love those!


Robin's Egg Bleu said...

We used these lamps in the Whaley House for nighttime tours and special events...we use the parafin oil...and boy, does it not smell very enchanting! It takes some getting used to. I didn't know there were different oils to use...hopefully some smell better than others! But they do put out fantastic light, and it's really charming and romantic.

Amy said...

We are using odorless and smokeless lamp oil, so we don't have any odor with them, but I believe you can use kerosene as well (which usually stinks too, I hear). We also bought some lamps that are more modern, but take truly all sorts of oils -- even some sort of denatured alcohol. (I don't know the details, really.)

I think for the most part, we'll use them with regular lamp oil (the odorless/smokeless variety), but it's good to know they can be used with other oils in the event of an emergency...even a long-standing emergency. :)

daughter-mother-sister-wife said...

Where did you get them?

Amy said...

We got them directly from Aladdin lamps. We saw them first in a little shop at Jefferson, TX. The website is:

Me said...


I HAVE to know where you got those lamps and how much they were! I have one lamp--still need to get a chimney for it--and wanting to by many more. I love their ambiance and the back-to-basics aspect they offer.

OK--just read the rest of the posts :/ I'll check out their website. One question for you still: Are they sturdy lamps? I found a little one at WalMart, and it was pretty chintsy.

Amy said...

They're very sturdy. Sturdiest lamps I've ever seen, personally. The chimney sits very firmly over the mantle, and the brass part that the chimney sits on actually kind of locks down over the part that has the wick. So, when you need to light it (because you don't want to ever touch the mantle), you just unlock the top part, open it, light it, and lock it back down.

We've gotten one hanging lamp as well (for over the dinner table), and it's pretty nifty, too. Also I think we're getting a couple of wall lamps, but I'm not sure if he's bought them yet. The lamps have little attachments that you can buy -- like insect screens and chimney covers to avoid soot and stuff. I really like it. I can't wait to start using them full time, but I don't think we'll do that until next winter....when we hopefully (praying) have a new house!!

Historical Ken said...

Maybe you can help me - I have an oil lamp but the wick tends to burn very quickly - I mean I have to constantly keep turning it up every few minutes.
I've tried a new wick but it's still doing it.
Now, I do have the kind of oil that doesn't leave the soot on the chimney - could it be the oil?
Here I have an 1870's lamp and can't even use it.
Any ideas or suggestions?
Thanks so much!

Amy said...

Hi Ken,

Hmmm...I had that trouble with one of my old Wal-Mart oil lamps and could never figure out what the problem was. However, we've been using the smokless/odorless oil for some time in the Wal-Mart lamps without a problem, so I don't think it's that particular type of oil. I asked my husband what he thought and he said if it's not the wick (since you bought a new one) it could be BAD oil or clogged air holes (underneath the metal part that holds the wick, there's usually some air holes for ventilation). Those can get clogged with dust and residue. A bad batch of oil can be a culprit, too, so you might try a new oil and let the wick soak in it for a full hour, and then try lighting it and see what happens. Good luck!!

Historical Ken said...

Thanks for the help - I'll let you know.