First Chemise

Alrighty, this one took all afternoon Sunday, but with a pile of movies to watch, I was able to lounge on the sofa and sew, sew, sew. Baby decided to start actually kicking (which I could both feel and see!) so it was rather entertaining since that was the first I'd ever seen my belly move. :) The fun begins!

This chemise is a recreation of one on the Wisconsin Historical Society Children's Clothing Collection, which is dated 1850-1860. It says it's an undershirt, but the wise folks at the Sewing Academy say it's actually a chemise due to the buttons at the shoulders. It seems a little wide, but I compared it to Sarah Jane's baby dress pattern sizes and it seems to coordinate well.

Next stop: A second cotton petticoat to button onto the waist of the first one. I think I'll do tucks this time.


daughter-mother-sister-wife said...

What beautiful little baby items you have produced! I'm inspired to go try some of my own now!

Jennifer J. said...

In addition to ooo-ing and ah-ing over your handiwork, I want to thank you for including the link to the Wisconsin Historical Society website. It will be a wonderful distraction this evening!

Robin's Egg Bleu said...

This is so simple, yet so very, very sweet! I love it!

Sarah said...

How perfectly sweet and adorable! I love the shape of it!

Ah, the Wisconsin Historical Society website is one of my favorites, too. To have time to recreate everything on there! They have some gorgeous items!