First Petticoat

It's Saturday night and I'm nearly finished with the first item I'm making for Baby -- a petticoat. I'm just waiting for the tape for the ties to come in and I need to add buttons around the waist for a second petticoat. For that, I'll make a cotton one and a wool one. This was fun to make because I got to practice my French handsewing again -- something I don't get to do very often. I didn't want the petticoats to be really fancy (I'm saving that for the dress), so I settled on a Single Hemstitch (my book calls it a Half Hemstitch). I liked how it turned out and it didn't take terribly long. Probably about 8 hours total.


Me said...

Amy, that single hemstitch is absolutely beautiful! What nice work you do. :)

Amy said...

Why thank you! :) My mother taught me a little about french handsewing when I was younger, but I really got interested when she gave me her old book on the topic. I think most of the stuff is fairly easy to do (if, perhaps, a little time-consuming) and I sure wish more young girls are taught this sort of detail work these days. There's nothing like embellishing handsewn garments. You begin to feel it's truly "one of a kind". Happy Sunday!

Mrs. G said...

Dear me, what a beautiful work of art! I'm so impressed!