This and that. And a shameless plug.

I have finally published a pattern as Thistle & Lilly (a free one, which you've all seen), new and improved, with a shiny new name -- the "Victoria Chemise", after my daughter, not the queen of England) -- and expanded for sizes 3M - 3T!  I'm pretty tickled.

I also have several other patterns on the work table -- a pattern for an 1860-65 gown sized from 2-8, braided gaiter shoes from 1861 in several sizes, and an 1848 fan-front gown sized from 2-8 as well.  Things are going swimmingly so far, and I'm thankful to God for allowing me to do this exciting work.

I have even MORE exciting news coming over the next month for Thistle & Lilly...but I have to keep it mum for now.  But in the meantime -- and here's the aforementioned shameless plug -- please follow me on Facebook and my the blog!  (Or pass along the link to those who are interested.)  Getting a new business up and running is hard, but getting the word out is even harder, and I can use all the help I can get.  I thank you all for your support and  encouragement over the years.

In my grown-up clothes, my corset project has taken a back seat to everything else, but I am SO ready to work on some of my own projects.  Oh, how I miss sewing for hours each day (or rather, having hours at my disposal, should I want to sew, is more like it).  Now, it seems my days are busy running after my girl and trying to plan homeschooling.  That whole experience is not far, as my baby is growing up like a weed.  I do have a few graphic design gigs on the side which have kept me busy for a few hours each month.  I can't ever seem to keep still.

But soon the corset will be back on the table and if I can successfully get that fitted, I'll FINALLY be able to work on a sheer white body.  Never had one, always wanted one, and I'm going to do it by golly.  I shall be accenting said bodice with a black silk waist like the one at left.  Squeee!  I love love love the pleats at the back.  Hopefully it'll turn out nice.

I should probably consider making a new chemise too.  My old standby is getting rather threadbare, but is still so comfortable it's hard to get rid of.  It was the first one I ever made and I've worn it since 1999 or so.  It's like an old quilt that has been washed so much it's soft and you don't ever want to get rid of it.  But...dear chemise, there is a time to be worn and a time to be made into rags.  I think the end is near for you.

My wee girl will hopefully get a fancy dress by years end -- a silk plaid with a white sheer fichu with ruffles and flounces and a white bodice beneath.  In the meantime, while that is being planned, I am working on some simple, historically-inspired dresses for everyday wear.  See, I never wanted to put my daughter in pants or jeans, but when someone gives you a ton of hand-me-downs (where almost all the dresses are fancy or "church" dresses and the rest of the bottoms are either shorts or pants)...well, let's just say it's convenient to throw her in those pants and move along with the day.  I think pants have their uses, but I want my daughter to enjoy dresses, to grow up feeling feminine.  I need to get her into dresses more while she still likes them.

I'm not sure what kind of dress I'll make, but they'll be simple and pretty, and I hope not so drastically historic that I'll stand out in a crowd.  :)  What's your favorite dress for everyday wear?  I'd love some inspiration to get me going.

xoxo Amy


Sarah said...

It's so exciting to read your plans and see them coming to fruition. I can't wait to use your chemise pattern for Anne. I think we will be doing a few late spring / summer events and the baby shirts I made for Malachi will be too small for her to wear. So, the chemise is perfect for our needs!

I LOVE that silk waist!!! Oh my gosh! Totally gorgeous!

I feel the same about dresses on little girls. I need to make my own girlie some nice "everyday" kind of dresses. She has lots of fancy ones with lace for church but it is not what I want to put on her everyday (how can she be really comfortable in something like that?) :/ I will be interested to see what you make Victoria as Anne will be shortly following in her footsteps!

Mrs. G said...

I was sitting in Jo-Ann's parking lot today thinking about dresses for Maggie. I have an old standby pattern that I'll tweak here and there to make each dress a little different.

Pamela@ The Sampler Makers Farmhouse said...

Thought I'd stop by your blog today, and say hi, I have been MIA here in blogland; you're sewing skills amaze me!

Rachel said...

Sounds super exciting! I like it when you SQUEAl with excitement! I can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve! And I guess I will go check out Facebook now and spread the word!

Amy said...

Pamela - well hi!! Haven't seen you in a while and I'm glad you stopped by. I've born pretty MIA too...trying to get back into the habit of blogging regularly again.

Rachel - thank you!! Your word-spreading is working! I really appreciate what you and all my pals both near and far have done (and are doing) to help my little business take off.

Sarah - I'm so glad the chemise will be useful to you!

Katie Lovely said...

Psst...I dunno if you remember me, but I've nominated you for a blog award over at my site. :)

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