Handmade holidays...

I've been having a good time making homemade things for my family this year.  I was catching up on blogs (finally!) and came across Nana Company's Tag-A-Long project and knew I just had to use her cute templates to make up some fabric gift tags of my own.  Mine pale in comparison to her beautiful creations (just take a look at her gorgeous embroidery versions for week 4!) but they were fun.  And not so bad for my first time.

My mother's (Mamaw) has a pocket on the back which looks like a miniature quilt, and I apparently failed to get a photo of it.  Darn.  It's really cute!  I'll probably stick a peppermint in there.  :)

I've also been musing over some new clothes for Victoria.  I never really have been a "Christmas dress" kind of person, but I think it would be kind of cute to make her a new dress for her visit to my parent's this Christmas time.  What got me started on this?  Well, see, I've been crocheting all kinds of gifts this year, and as I was perusing my Japanese crochet books, I came across this:

It's for an adult, but tell me that wouldn't look adorable as a tot-sized version?  I think it would make a great dress, or even as a blouse.  So I did a muslin mock-up and it looks like it could be really sweet.  Off I went through my stash and found a charcoal colored wool blend and a cute argyle styled cotton for a facing or a lining.  I love contrasty linings.

And wouldn't that little grey dress be adorable with a tot-sized version of this neck warmer?  (I already made one of these this year for a certain someone, and it's a fun alternative to a scarf or cowl.)

Or I could make a tot-sized bolero?  I'm thinking a pearl-colored chunky alpaca yarn I have two skeins of.  Wonder if that'll be too scratchy for her.  Hmmm...

Fun stuff to think about.  Now I'm off to get crafty with a certain small person.  Nothing like cotton ball snowmen pasted to paper plates with glitter buttons to warm ones heart.  Happy holidays, y'all.



Rachel said...

Oh my goodness those tags are adorable! What a labor of love! They are beautiful and you did a great job making something so sweet and special.
Once again, I can't wait to see your creations!!

Unknown said...

The neck warmers are super adorable!