Now that I'm home from a fun weekend of living history, I'm more fired up than ever about putting out a small e-pattern line for children's clothes for the 1860s.  As usual, my mind runneth over with ideas, but I must needs keep it simple to start.  Things shall grow in time, and it's not like 1860s fashion is likely to change anytime soon.

I plan on formalizing the infant chemise, infant sacque, and toddler's drawers I already have available for free -- just make them a little more polished, with more sizes, instructions and all that.  If you have used any of these patterns, please send me a note at amym{at} with any comments or suggestions!  I'm ready and open to feedback.

But after those patterns, what's next?

Child's Chemise (1859-1861)I'm currently working on a child's A-line chemise with embroidered edge, based on an original from the Wisconsin Children's Clothing Museum.  It was worn by a little girl named Grace Field in Wisconsin.  I made a mockup for Victoria to wear at the event this weekend and it was very nice.  And because it wasn't gathered at the neckline, she didn't have to deal with extra fabric bunched up under her stay to create more heat.  She wore all layers of her clothes both days, all day, and never once complained of being hot.

Child's Nightgown (1865)
I know having your child in a nightgown at a reenactment is probably one of those things that is last on any parent's mind, but having authentic clothing -- even for nighttime -- is just part of the experience.  I found one dated 1865 (the earliest date) and it's sweet and simple.

Child's Paletot (1860-61)
This paletot, I've already started back in April 2011.  She would have just turned 2, so now I have some re-sizing to do.  But that's ok, because it means I'll have some of the work already done, right?  Paletots are also underrepresented at events among children, and I believe this little pattern would just be darling on little girls out in cool weather events.

Child's Wrapper
Similar to the lines of the nightgown, except with more fullness, I plan on making a wrapper for Victoria to wear at events over her nightgown.  It should also be rather simple to make.  I believe in simplicity!

Child's Bonnet
I'm still researching, but I would like to make a bonnet for Victoria -- not quite a sunbonnet, but not an infant-style cap either.

Infant/Toddler Slippers
Very likely, this will simply be a tutorial with a pattern.  I know folks have asked for it.

Girl's Gaiter Shoes (2-3 Years)
This pattern will take some time to complete, because the patterns -- small as they are -- are more complicated to size and test.  But I do hope to add it to the lineup, eventually.


Looking at my list, I almost shrink with worry that I won't succeed.  It's not a long list, but I know it'll take many hours.  Putting it in writing is a start, though, isn't it?  I believe it's a worthy endeavor, and quite exciting for me.  I thank you all for your support and encouragement!

Amy xoxoxo


Annette Bethke said...

You go girl!!

Jennifer J. said...

It was a pleasure meeting you and Victoria at Pioneer Farms. We will be very interested in using your patterns!

Jennifer Jones

Amy said...

Jennifer - it was delightful to meet you too! And your husband and your sweet little girl. She's just beautiful! I hope to see you again at another event.

Rachel said...

we are all excited as well!

Donna said...

Interesting blog, I am all caught up and looking forward to more from you, what are you sewing next....