Victoria's unmentionables.

1 hour of sunshine in this dark, dreary, extremely wet day provided me with an opportunity to take some photos.  Ominous clouds quickly pinched out the glorious sun, and now we have (as we call it here in Texas) a gully-washer.  Or, as my dad would say, a "frog strangler".  :)  Don't ask.

{ corded stay }

{ drawers }

{ petticoat }

{ drawers, as they will attach to the stay when buttons and holes are complete }

{ the whole shebang - petticoat buttoned on over the drawers }


Annette Bethke said...

How cute it that!

Rachel B. said...

Lovely!! I just love all those tucks in the petticoat!!

Rachel said...

Oh oh oh that is wonderful eye candy! They are all so beautiful! Wow, makes me want to get in the spirit as well! Victoria is a lucky girl!

Sarah W said...

Cute! I love tucks and cording :)

Rachel said...

I just printed off your infant chemise pattern - thanks so much for sharing your talents and knowledge with the rest of us!

Amy said...

Happy to share! I can't say that I have much more knowledge than anyone else, but I sure do have fun making those patterns and I'm delighted that they are actually functional enough to work for you! :). Let me know if you ever have problems with any of the patterns or if you have suggestions on improving.