Oh, evil croup.  Why couldn't you just have been a regular ol' cold?  Those familiar sniffles would be more appreciated than your menacing "bark" of a cough.  Especially when it's coming out of a little tiny body.

I didn't know Victoria had croup until the cough started last night.  Then, it was unmistakable!  Anyone out there have a good remedy for croup?  Maybe there's nothing I can do except wait it out and continuing to do what I've been doing for her.  Here's what I've given her:

Our "concoction", baby style (once daily):
1) bit of OJ
2) bit of Vit C powder
3) a squirt of Ecinacea
4) tiny bit of colloidal silver

And to this, I've also been giving her a "cough tea" all throughout the day which is made of:
1) Red clover tops
2) Licorice root
3) Ginger root

And then once a day, I also give her a squirt of elderberry tincture.  I've made sure she was in a cool room last night while sleeping, and today I'm going to get a cold-air humidifier.  Should I keep giving her Motrin for pain?  I can't really tell if her throat hurts or not.  She's acting mostly normal now, except for the hoarse voice.  No fever.

Our only local health store is limited on what they have, so I doubt I'd be have time to get anything new online this late in the game, but since croup can be common among babies, I'd like to be prepared next time.

Any thoughts from my dear readers out there?



Lauren said...

Poor kiddo. I hope she feels better soon :-(

Sarah said...

Oh no! We dealt with that a few weeks ago; little David had it for a few days and then Malachi also got it for a few days. David just gave them warmed orange juice mixed with honey and echinacea. I hope she feels better soon, poor little darling. That tell tale barking cough is horrid to hear, especially at night, when (for us) it seemed to be worse.

Brooke Whitaker said...

I know we used a cough syrup made out of lemons and flax seeds when we got whooping cough. I know that worked good for the cough. :)

Brooke (off the SA)

Tiff said...

I was hoping she was getting better, poor little thing.
My 10 yr old son is going through this right now, he has a terrible "bark" and is feeling very sluggish. A hot shower did help him a bit with the coughing. For Victoria, try steaming up the bathroom and then sitting in there with her for 15minutes.

I hope she feels better real soon.

Lorie said...

I pray little one is better real soon. It is always so hard when our babies are sick and suffering. Praying for you all.

Rachel said...

so sorry
it sounds like you have things figured out though, she is in excellent dr mom's hands

hope things look up soon