Spring Blog Cleaning + 8 Months

Ok, so you may have noticed that I changed up my blog design.  The sun came out yesterday and I have my seedlings in pots waiting to sprout, so I guess I just felt all "springy" and wanted to take a departure from the "antique" look.  I post more than just 1860s stuff on here anyway.  I love the wide-width blog layouts, but there's a little part of me that is afraid people will have to scroll back and forth to see my site.  Let me know if you have any problems with that.

Victoria is 8 months old tomorrow!

She had her first bath "alone" in the big tub last night and was tickled pink.  :)  In this photo (don't ask me what she's doing with her tongue), you can see yet another two teeth coming in -- these being on the bottom.  That makes 8 choppers.  Wow.

In other news, she's now sitting up on her own.  I didn't even realize she was doing it until one day she was on her stomach, playing.  I looked away for a minute, then looked back, and she was sitting up and reaching into her toy basket.  No crawling yet, but if she happens to be standing against something she can hold on to (usually my shirt or the coffee table), she'll stand up all day long.  Seems to have no interest in crawling, scooting, or creeping no matter how much we put her on her hands and knees or crawl around on the floor with her.  She has found her lungs and loves to Yell Loudly.  Or squeal.  Or giggle.  You should hear her giggle.

I love that kid.


Atlanta said...

Wonderful pictures of Victoria! What a sweetie pie.
Maybe she's going to go straight to walking and forget all that crawling business. :^)

Love the new blog design!

Are yall going to be at Beaumont?

Lauren said...

She is just a cutie!

Mrs. G said...

Amy, love the new blog look, I *do* have to scroll back and forth, but maybe it's just me.....
What a big girly Victoria is getting to be! Asa still doesn't have any teeth but I'm somewhat glad because he bites so much now and I know how it will feel when he has razor sharp teeth to make me howl louder. lol. He's the first baby I've ever had, who when I say OUCH! he doesn't cry. Instead he *laughs* at me. :0

Amy said...

Thanks y'all!

Mrs. G - do you have to scroll back and forth a lot? Maybe it's a small fix. I totally know what you mean about Asa laughing at you. Victoria does the same thing!! Luckily, she doesn't bite much -- if she does, it's only lightly and doesn't hurt too bad.

Sarah said...

I love the new look - but I liked the old one too. :) I don't have to scroll if I minimize my "favorites" which appear on the side bar of our browser. It looks great!

Victoria will probably go right to walking, or have only a very short crawling spree. . .it sounds like she is ready to go! :)

Malachi too, thinks it is hilarious when he bites me and I say "OW!" What is horrid is when he fastens his bite down (he has teeth on both top and bottom) and WON'T let go, but bites all the harder and I have to puuulllll it out of his mouth.

Emma said...

Pretty baby! :D

I like the new design. No scrolling here even though I have a ginormous font that often messes up blogs.