{ Victoria's first snowfall. A rarity way down here in sub-tropical, balmy Central Texas }


Sarah W said...

Cutie, she looks a bit puzzled :) No wonder, a friend and me discussed this today - isn't it a really strange thing, when you think about it, that frozen water falls from the sky?? We're used to it here (even though this winter have been unusually cold and snowy), but it's still a bit strange when you stop and think about it.... We live in a world filled with wonders!

Robin's Egg Bleu said...

Oh, I remember my days in central Texas...(Killeen), and I sure don't recall any snow, ever!

Victoria is such a little peach!

Rachel said...

oh my goodness she is a doll

and that darling hat makes me want to love those sweet little cheeks

Sarah said...

She has got to be one of the most darling, cutest little girls I've EVER seen. I love her wee cap - did you make it? Snow is so magical, especially for little ones. The boys still run to the window and point and exclaim whenever it snows here, and we've had a LOT of it this winter!