{ stitching on my ca. 1895 wilcox & gibbs }

Well, I got the lining all cut out (on Tuesday night) and got all the linen pieces cut out. I had to piece the side bottom portions of the back, but it still looks good - and authentic. They would have done it back in the auld days. I've decided to stitch this up using my wilcox & gibbs machine. I don't have a treadle for it, so I'm doing it by hand, but it's quieter (much!) and I can use it on the kitchen table, right next to the room where Victoria is sleeping so I can go comfort her several times per evening while she transitions to sleeping in her own bed.

Besides, who doesn't kinda dig the idea of sewing an 1895 pattern on an 1895 model machine?


Lauren said...

I think that's very cool! My little inner history geek is leaping for joy :-D

Jackie said...

I think this such an event that you will always remember. This is coming from someone that would love to sew on my tredle more then I do now. A civil war reenactor and living history buff.

Leslie said...

love, love, love it!
Now if you had fabric, thread and what nots would that qualify as a backward anachronism?, The word authentic does not do the design justice, we need a new word.
leslie du pont