Of Petticoats & Pasta.

In my quest to actually complete a sewing project (my 1895 Skirt), I have -- alas -- finished all the long seams in all 9 gores. (Remind me again why I picked a skirt with gores as my assignment? Nine gores? On a hand-cranked 1895 sewing machine?) They were pieced and sewn together late last week, and the gores fitted together rather nicely for a custom drafted pattern. Was feeling rather impressed with myself.

Until I tried it on. I had a slight fitting issue (the fabric, where it's on the bias, stretched a little) but it's easily remedied. It was seeing me in a skirt usually worn with a corset on my flabby uncorseted form which gave me the biggest shock. My somewhat decent-looking, after-baby-but-still-breastfeeding body had apparently gone on an extended vacation without giving me any notice whatsoever.

Despondent, I put the whole project away and scrubbed the bathrooms and kitchen.

• • • • •

With kitchen and bathroom now sparkling, I decided to upload the pictures so those of you who are interested can see the progress. The little pleaty things in the front are where I'm going to have to take the skirt in. The panels are on the bias right there and the waistband just didn't fit. I kind of expected it with linen. It's strangely slippery, movable stuff.

The skirt definitely needs underpinnings (even though it's lined) -- and a ruffled petticoat is just the thing to lift my girly spirits. I mean what girl doesn't love ruffly underthings? C'mon.

So that's the skirt progress as it stands now.

Dieting is next on my list.

• • • • •

Speaking of dieting, my darling consort gave me KitchenAid's pasta attachment set for my birthday. I know! What a sweetheart. So guess what I made today? I'll give you a hint:

Took hardly any time at all, seriously. The dough is super-easy to make and the attachments made short work of producing lovely angel-hair pasta. Oh, and I tried out the ravioli attachment, too. Uhm. Let's just say I need more practice. Thankfully I didn't waste ALL of the dough on ravioli.



Sarah said...

Oh Amy, the skirt is to die for. I love it. It is so elegant and you look so beautiful in it! I can't see how you think you have ANY flab - geez. :) I have been halfheartedly trying to diet ever since Christmas, but especially the last 10 days or so. . .seeing my body in the mirror prior to a rarely-indulged-in bath a few weeks ago filled me with horror and fear. :)

The pasta maker looks awesome! How fun!

Mrs. G said...

The skirt looks lovely and I think you look great in it! And a pasta maker? Gee whiz, there's no justice in the world, lol. :-)

Amy said...

:) Well, Sarah, one of the benefits of being a graphic designer is that you get proficient at Photoshop. Hehehe... And I was sucking in. Luckily, I'm tall so the flab sort of spreads out. LOL! But in all seriousness -- it's to be expected after having babies and we should love our bodies as they are. I just need to get back into some healthy eating...I guess winter has me a little depressed. I'm SUCH a springtime, sunny-day girl.

Mrs. G -- thanks!! :) That pasta know, I've wanted that forever. I think Keith was trying to make me feel more "contented" since that's been my trial lately. He's a sweet guy, that one. His birthday comes up in March and I just don't know what to do for him.

Lydia said...

I think the skirt looks nice. If you had a shirt that was less close to the skirt in color, I think it would look even better.