Worn and wrinkled.

It's Wednesday evening. We've finished our trade show here in Dallas (it's a work thing) and I'm really, truly ready to get back home to my dear husband and our own creature comforts. Looks like some serious rain is coming our way, though -- I truly hope it's not raining when I head home. Victoria has been a good girl and was showered daily with much love and adoration by her Mamaw and Pop (my folks) until she is wholly spoilt and will likely be a Bad Girl when we get home. ;)

Time to make like a tree and leaf.
See you again when I get home.


Emma said...

Hope you both made it home ok!

Bonnie said...

Hi Amy!
I barged in from Mia's blog, to let you know that you can order lamp oil form Lehmans Hardware, I think its

Also, I have seen it at Walmart in the past (try the candle area), or you might try checking a hardware store. Not the Lowes/Home Depot type, but a Tractor Supply, or True Value if you have those in your area.
Your little one is SUCH a cute little plumpkin!