New Things.

We got a new crib.

Actually, it's the crib we got for Victoria before she was born, but she's been content (and safe) in her cradle until now, so we finally brought it out of storage and put it together. Her cradle is hardwood, very sturdy and lovely and she's made it a full 7 months in her little cradle next to my bed.

But onto bigger (and better?) things, right?

I'm a little sad. Is that silly?

First, we had to organize and get things ready to move my grandmother's vanity table from it's place between the windows and put it next to our bed. The crib will take its original place. So I started with rotating the outgrown clothes and bringing in the now-fitting clothes. Victoria helped me, as you can see. In the process, we found a cute headband that I slipped on her pumpkin-noggin. I'm not overly fond of headbands on babies, but I couldn't help it. Even Keith thought she was too cute. ;)

Next, I moved the vanity, and then put the crib together. I think it turned out rather pretty. I liked this style because it also converts to a toddler bed, as well as a youth bed later on. The sheet, bumper, and blanket are all from my mother in law. Cute, huh?

I think she liked it ok. :)
(By the way, I didn't intentionally match her clothes to her crib.)

At this writing, she's napping in it. I hope she transfers from cradle to crib with not too much angst and despair and rending of garments.

Last Sunday, we had an impromptu Bible Study. Sort of. Keith was reading something Biblical to Victoria and I caught them from afar (ie: the other room) and snapped a few photos of him wrestling a wiggly baby while trying to impart wisdom of the Scriptures.

I hope this post finds you all well.

A quick note: A few of you have asked about that coat pattern. I really will get it to you soon. I promise. :)


Jackie said...

Beautiful pictures. The crib is so pretty and I am sure she will enjoy it.
We reenact civil war as well.

Atlanta said...

Cute crib! Victoria looks very well pleased!

Robin's Egg Bleu said...

LOVE the photo of Victoria on the bed with all her clothes, she looks so thrilled to be going through like a girl!

She's just such a lovely little new person.

Lauren said...

She is so lovely. What a big girl :-)

Waterrose said...

She looks lovely and happy in her new surroundings