Need your prayers...

Hi friends,

In case you don’t already know, we got a letter yesterday notifying us that Victoria tested positive on her first newborn screening test for Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH). It doesn’t mean she has it — I’m not panicking (yet) -- but we’re going in today, Thursday, at 4pm to have her re-tested.

In the first 1-2 days of life, the levels of hormone they test for on the PKU test are usually higher for all newborns. She was tested within 24 hours of birth and was under quite a bit of stress in that first 48 hours. I'm hoping that this is just a false-positive due to the unique conditions of her birth.

Please be praying for her at 4pm today, that her second tests come out negative/normal, and that she continues to be a happy, healthy baby. It's extremely nerve-wracking to get that kind of letter, even if it's just a preliminary screening.

Thank you and God Bless!!



Deanna said...

Dearest Amy,
Just said a prayer for you all.
May God Bless,

Annette Bethke said...

I'm truly sorry you're having to go through this. My thoughts are with you.

Robin's Egg Bleu said...

She's in my prayers.

lissawi said...

I'll be praying!