Baby Dress and Shameless Gloating Over New Baby...

Update: Since a few of you have asked (and others are probably wondering) about the test results for Victoria, we don't have them back yet. What we did was go in last Thursday for a re-test of the PKU, which the state has to analyze and then get back with us and the pediatrician. That will take a took 19 days for the first test. But the pedi did test her electrolytes (after "milking" her heel for THREE VIALS of blood! I thought I was going to die seeing her cry so hard)...and her electrolytes came out normal. That's a good sign, since the more severe versions of CAH would have put her electrolytes seriously out of whack and she would have become critically ill. Since these came out normal, we're just now praying for a "normal" result to the PKU re-test. Thank you SO much for your continued prayers!

Today is my first day "alone" at home with the baby, as Keith is now back at work, and no family members are staying with us anymore. I'm getting around ok now, although I still have to watch what I lift.

Victoria and I seem to be getting on well together now. Although she's nowhere near sleeping through the night, she sleeps most of it, waking up only to "graze" (that's what I call the half-hearted intermittent nursing that takes place at night) and burp and doze back off to sleep. So even though I'm waking up about 4 times a night, the interruptions are fairly minimal. I think all that cluster feeding in the evening is helping her get satiated for the night ahead. I think she's starting to figure out that when it's dark, it's sleepy time, and when it's light, it's wakey time. I noticed she's something of a sunlight person -- she doesn't really wake up until she gets some light going int he room.

She's definitely a Daddy's girl. :) I've never seen her more content then when she sleeps on daddy's chest. Even if she nearly chokes him. She's had her first immersion bath at the beginning of last week and boy was she cute. :) We got her all ready for the bath, and she was all like "You want me to what??" In that photo she looks the most like I did when I was a baby. I think somewhere I have a picture with that same expression on my face.

So now that we're getting somewhat of a schedule going, I thought I might try finishing that sheer baby dress. I still need to find a fine cotton lace for the sleeve edges and neck edge, plus buttons for the back. I'll be adding some ties to make sure it'll fit snuggly because she's way too small for it now. Even though she's 8 lbs now, everyone comments about "how tiny" she is for a newborn. She's still wearing newborn sizes. I think this dress I made was more along the lines of 3-6 months.

I seriously don't know how Sarah Jane manages to get so much sewing done with three little ones running around. I only have scant 2 hour naps to get anything done. Anyway, I decided to make a little wrap carrier, too, so I can start wearing Victoria a little more. I found a McCalls pattern that looks curiusly like a mei tei, which I heard were just fabulous for carrying babies around. It might allow me to get some more done around the house, because she loves to be carried and held. Loves it.

I hope everyone out there in blog land is doing very well!


Deanna said...

Your little one is precious!
Did she have good results with her test?
Hope you'll let us know.
Was praying.
God bless,

Amy said...

Hi Deanna,

We're still waiting on results of the retest. Her electrolytes tested normal which is a good sign, so we're breathing a little bit easier. We just need to get the re-test results so we ca breath a lot easier. :)

Thanks so much for your prayers!

Mrs. G said...

Amy, I too have been checking daily to see what the test said. We're still praying for her! She is such a sweet heart, every picture is cuter than the last.
;-) The gown is lovely, that's what I'm working on now too.


Sarah said...

She is so amazingly sweet. Seeing her pictures bring back floods of memories from when my boys were smaller. Heehee Malachi too has figured out night = sleep time. The other day we took him with us to see a movie and as soon as they dimmed the lights, he went right to sleep! :)

I'll continue praying for a normal test result. I'm so glad the electrolyte test was normal! And so sad they had to take so much blood. :(

The dress is breathtaking! She is going to look beautiful in it!

Robin's Egg Bleu said...

She's absolutely gorgeous, and so is her dress!

Emma said...


I found a link here from another 1860's blog and no sooner did I scroll down than I thought: hold on, I recognize that pretty lady. And now you have a darling little girl as well! I've always wondered where you were and hoped you were happy. I am so glad to see that life has been treating you well!

--Emma Salchow

Amy said...

Hi Emma! Wow, it's been a LONG time, hasn't it? I hope you're doing well these days and making all sorts of fun costumes!

Amy said...

Thanks everyone! I just keep looking at this little bundle (who keeps getting heavier and heavier!) and I'm in awe.

Paris -- I sure hope you're doing better these days and that the pregnancy is going well.


Paula said...

I love the picture of her asleep on Keith. I'm glad that the follow-up pediatrician was promising for the test results. Glad things are getting into a routine for you. Hopefully I'll get to meet her soon.


Lauren said...

I will definately be praying for you. She is such a doll!

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