Has it really been a week??

I can't tell. My days and nights are running together. When was the last time I slept? Oh, yeah. June 26th.

I know it's not a baby blog, but how can a new mother possibly refrain from showing off her little munchkin?? I already want her to stay a tiny baby! :) I'm glad she's finally got bright eyes and is looking around at her new world. Every day she seems more like a little person rather than a little stranger. And swaddled up in her green blanket, she looks like a pea pod. A cute little pea pod sleeping on the couch with Daddy. :)

We've had a trying week, but it seems that last night (Friday night) was a good step forward. I was able to actually sleep most of the night with Victoria at my side. She won't sleep in the cradle yet -- at least not for any length of time. But she's so tiny, and so used to the warmth of another human and being cuddled up that I don't blame her for not wanting the cradle just yet. As she gets a little bigger, I'm thinking she can sleep more in it for naps, and then graduate to it at night.

So today I feel refreshed! (Sorta.) I'm still a little weary from nursing and getting to know this little creature, but it's nice to feel a little more human. I'm hoping to tackle (slowly) the cleaning and organization of my sewing room/office, since when I go back to work, I'll eventually want Victoria in there with me while she plays. Not looking forward to going back to work -- please continue to keep us in your prayers for 1) our house-hunting, and 2) that I'll be able to be a stay at home mom sooner than later.

Well, that's all for now. Thank you for all the wonderful comments on my announcement post, too! It's so nice to have such friends. Take care, all.

- Amy


Mrs. G said...

Amy, I'm so glad things are settling down for you. It's nice that Victoria wants to snuggle with you at night and nice for you as well since she'll nurse more! Enjoy your Babymoon!!! :-)


Sarah said...

Oooh, Paris, I love the word "babymoon". :)

Amy, she is too cute for words! What sparkling eyes and what darling, chubby, kissable little cheeks! I'm getting baby-sick looking at her darling photos. It's hard to believe my baby is almost six months old and oh, how much babies change and grow in six months!

I'll be praying for your housing and for your work situation. May God direct and guide you!

Malachi wanted to sleep with me at night too for the first few months. At last he is finally sleeping in his crib for part of the night, but around 2:30 or 3:00 a.m. he wants to nurse and he usually ends up in bed with me for the rest of the night. It's been an adjustment (the others did not sleep with us as babes) but it's sweet to have his tiny body curled up next to mine and to hear his little baby breathing.

Congratulations again. She is divinely adorable.

lissawi said...

Congratulations Amy! Enjoy that snuggly new baby stage!

Adelheide said...

Congratulations! I don't mind baby posts at all. :D She is lovely!

Me said...


I will definitely pray for you that you may get to be the stay-at-home mommy that you so desire to be. Our Heavenly Father knows that it is the very best thing for a mother to be home with and raise her children.

What a sweet little angel you have!