One King Held The Hope Of The World

I'm usually a "hymn" gal. I much prefer old fashioned hymns rather than contemporary Christian music (although CCM doesn't usually make me want to stab bamboo skewers under my fingernails ::giggle::) Give me a hymn, though, especially at Christmas and I am one happy mama. Despite that, though, I've discovered the new Point Of Grace Christmas album and they have a lovely new song on there. It's called One King. (Their version of Carol of the Bells is fantastic too!)

Kings of earth on a course unknown
Bearing gifts from afar
Hoping praying
Following yonder star

Silhouette of a caravan
Painted against the sky
Wise men searching
For the Holy Child

One king held the frankincense
One king held the myrrh
One king held the purest gold
One King held the hope of the world

It's only a week until Christmas! (Ok well, a little less than a week for those of you who are counting down.) I'll be spending it with my parents and sister. We don't do a conventional "Christmas" at our house, but I'm looking forward to seeing Victoria open some presents and having a stretch of days to spend with friends and family up in the metroplex.

Thanks to all who commented on my toddler underwear post. If you use the pattern, I hope it works out for you. I do enjoy making those little patterns. In a way, it's a paper memory of how little my Pumpkin Head was once. She's getting so big now. A lady at the fabric store the other day called her a Copper Penny. She is definitely a coppery red-head. I love it! :)

Many blessings for a lovely Christmas Tide to you all.



Deanna said...

Merry Christmas to you and may you also have a very Happy New Year in 2011.

God bless,
d from homehaven

lissawi said...

This is my favorite Christmas album of all time! Merry Christmas!

Emma said...

Merry Christmas!

Mrs. G said...

And *that's* because you live in a more conservative state than I do, the bamboo skewers only hold true with those who live in states more liberal than Texas. It's a geography thing, see? :-) Merry Christmas.

Rachel said...

Well said!
Have a fabulous Christmas in your neck of the woods!