Around the house.

Hi everyone!  It's been forever since I posted (it seems), and although I don't have anything important to post, I thought I'd drop by and say hello.  :)

Things have been extremely busy around here, just with life I guess.  It's good to be busy, but some of us (like my husband) is busier than he really ought to be.  He's getting many overtime hours due to a lack of a co-worker who recently retired, and the paycheck is an extreme blessing, but he's wearing out with all the double-shifts -- often evening and midnights.  I'm worried about him, to be honest.  I hope his schedule can regulate soon so I can get my husband back.

Please keep him in your prayers, for health and well-being.

My garden is doing well.  I've harvested my first two tomatoes the other day.  Two little cherry tomatoes.  :)  But the plants are really getting huge and are growing all sorts of young tomatoes.  I also have precisely 3 jalapenos, 1 bell pepper, and two new little veggies I just found:

{ and if you look closely, there's a second zucchini to the left of the bigger one, which is, by itself, only about 2" long. }

I also acquired a new set of dishes!  Refrigerator dishes to be exact.  I never knew what "refrigerator dishes" were until Atlanta posted about them on her blog.  Well, actually, I knew what they were, just not by that name.  My grandmother had some.  My mom had some.  And I don't know if they had the Amish Butterprint pattern, but something about it seemed familiar, so I picked them up.  Maybe my grandmother had this pattern and I'm channeling her.  :)  Anyway, I love them.  I dig turquoise and white.  I'm getting a matching butterdish and a few other smaller dishes next.

Well, that is all for now!  Y'all be good.  Serve Our Lord.  Buy gold.  ;)  Hard times are coming.  I'm not going to rant about it, but I fear it could be worse than anyone is imagining at the moment.  Lord willing, it won't be; but it's always better to be prepared.


Lauren said...

I hope your hubby doesn't burn out. :-)

lissawi said...

I can completely sympathize with the overtime. That is frequently dh's schedule as well, so I know how hard it can be. I hope things slow down soon.

Okay, showing my homemaking ignorance here, what are refrigerator dishes?

Amy said...

Don't feel bad - I really didn't know what they were either. :) Here's something I found on the internet about them:

"In 1951, Corning Glass Works advertised “oven and refrigerator sets for $2.95 that had “4 gay-colored” dishes, with clear covers that could be used for baking, serving, and storage."

I've heard to be wary of baking in Pyrex (especially vintage, although I don't know the truth about all that), but I use them for serving and food storage as we're slowly moving away from plastic food storage.


Me said...

Amy, you are so right in harder times coming. Being prepared is so important.

And, I cannot believe that your little doll-baby is almost a year! Wow!

Prayers going up for you and your husband.