As The Year Draws To A Close...

Seems crazy that a whole year has already gone by. Now we're in full swing of the Christmas holidays, and just yesterday it was June 26th and my first child was placed in my arms. The day before that, it was April 19th (2008) and I was making my marriage vows to my husband. Wow. How much has changed and in so short a span of time. It never ceases to amaze me, this quick marching of the days. But with it, so many joys, eh?

I went to our Ft. Washita reenactment last weekend, and boy we had fun! This week has been incredibly busy (work-wise) so I'm just now getting around to posting photos. Here are a few images from our trip. I didn't get to take near as many as I wanted, unfortunately.

My dear friend's husband, Mr. Hamilton, was caught unawares looking quite dashing on the stone porch of the fort. I'm tickled my camera took such a clear photo -- it was from quite a distance away. Hooray for telephoto. :) He was tricked out in his West Point uniform overcoat here -- and the dress uniform at the ball later that night. It was pretty cold (high 30s, I think) all day Friday and Saturday, so he needed all that warmth.

The next photo is Paula -- my silly, darling friend who I road-tripped up there with. We got decidedly un-period for a short time there while we got on a Geico Pothole commercial giggle-fit. It truly is a hilarious commercial. :) And when you're from Texas...well, it's even more hilarious. Then again -- maybe we're just weird.

At left, two of the ladies of the fort -- Kathy and her daughter Ginger. Ginger is my Civil War dress mecca. She makes the most beautiful clothes. Seriously. And she had so many! We teased her a little bit about her perfectly-sewn and expansive wardrobe, but we think she forgives us. (Hopefully.)

She regaled us all by the huge hearth with a reading of Treasure Island. Some of us listened and sewed. Some of us listened and rocked babies. And some of us just listened, watching the crackling fire as it warmed us all against the chilly gray outside the windows. Music, too, filled the rooms! We had fiddle and banjo and much singing! It was great. And Sunday morning dawned a beautiful, less-chilly day -- with the sounds of Christmas hymns at the church service.

Victoria was an exceedingly good baby. She played with Andrew, was held by many, and cried very little. I got a photo of her in her little coat and cap, and a photo of both Kerri and I with our babies. I was so distracted by the baby-watching that I completely forgot to get a full-length photo of my dress. I'm really a bad photo-journalist, aren't I? But I did get some compliments. It was my first time wearing a hoop or fitted dress in over a year -- so I'm glad it turned out pretty well.

This is Fort Washita -- one of two barracks; and the only one still standing.

* * * * *

We got back home Sunday night and Victoria sat on her own for about 10 minutes without falling. Tee hee! Isn't she cute sitting there by herself? Little cherub.

* * * * *

Sneak peek of my Christmas/New Years card photoshoot:

Aside: I was truly hoping to have a family shot, but Keith's working all the time and I'm sick with a cold, so nobody is photogenic (or available) except for Victoria. :)


Sarah said...

I am so jealous, Amy! What a perfectly splendid place for a reenactment. Everyone looks wonderful and it sounds like every one had a lovely time. This is exactly how I think every reenactment should be. :)

You and Victoria look beautiful! I love the last few pictures you took of her, especially the very last one. What a beautiful little face!

Robin's Egg Bleu said...

Victoria is so very, very beautiful!

Mrs. G said...

What a wonderfully dressed group of folks! The last shots of Victoria are perfect, she has such an angelic face! :-)


Amy said...

Aww...y'all are so sweet to compliment Victoria so often. One of the other girls at the reenactment called her a "living Cabbage Patch doll". :) She kinda is -- she has those chubby cheeks and all. I'm just really happy she was a good baby and not fussy.

Lauren said...

What a lovely event. And Victoria is becoming more and more beautiful each time we see her. God Bless!

Me said...

Oh my! Your baby is so beautiful! I love little fat-cheeked babies! And, I adore your attire. Would that I lived where there were re-enactments, as I have said before.

Oh my goodness, Amy. I just saw the photos at the end of the post. not only could those be framed pictures that would sell, but she is the most adorable baby!

Carole said...

What a gorgeous little baby boy. Those cheeks were made to kiss. I love the photos of the costumes, you're a talented sewer.

Emily said...

Your plaid dress came out well. Victoria is sooo cute in those last photos! I am impressed that she will wear mittens. My Maria pulls them right off, and even went so far as to rip them off the string that attached them together.

Lucy said...

Paula looks like fun.