The many faces of Victoria

We had fun yesterday evening. Too bad the lighting wasn't better so that the images didn't come out so blurry. I hate using flash. But I couldn't help posting these. What a little blessing she is.


Annette Bethke said...

Hooooowwww cuuuute! Such a little doll.

BTW, like your new header.

Amy said...

Thanks! I hope it's not too wide. I just thought about that this very minute. I'm on a Mac and I have a WIDE screen, so I'm afraid I might have made it all too wide for most I hope someone lets me know if that's the case. :)

I trust you're doing well this fine day. Take care!

Deanna said...

She's such a sweetie!
What a wonderful blessing your little girl is!
Have a nice week-end,