Infant Chemise, Finito.

Finished the chemise. If you're going to make this, one note: make sure you don't put too much bulk in the bias binding at the neck where you want the buttonhole. Trim off that edge before you bind it. :) That took me forever to finish.

Also, you could try making a loop, rather than a buttonhole. I wanted a buttonhole so the opening would overlap.

Of course, this could easily be done without an opening at all. The neck edge is large enough for the heads of most babies.

All in all, I'm pleased. :)


Waterrose said...

that is adorable...and so are the baby pictures!

Sarah said...

Okay. . .somehow I got totally, totally behind on your blog. How can I have done that?! This infant chemise is adorable and perfect!! Everything you make is perfect; I'm jealous! :)