It's Ice Cream Season!

And not just ice-cream...frozen treats of all kinds!

Yesterday, I made strawberry sherbet--from frozen strawberries I bought fresh last year. I didn't strain out the "solids" -- just kept it slightly crunchy from seeds and with extra-tastiness that only bits of strawberry fruit can bring. This was so easy! I took my strawberries (about 1 lb), two cups buttermilk, 1 cup sugar, and 1 teaspoon vanilla and blended it in a blender until smooth. Then put it in my ice-cream maker and 25 minutes later...voila! A delectable treat for a warm day! Enjoy!


Historical Ken said...

Oh yeah! Good stuff! Homemade ice cream is so much better than the store bought garbage.
Great photo!

Deanna said...

This looks awesome and I'm sure it taste wonderful.
Nice picture as well.

God Bless,
From HomeHaven nestled in the Kansas flinthills