Not 1860s, but...

...I totally had to give a shout-out to my dear childhood buddy Theresa Reinhardt for her adorable puppets (and other cute things!) that she is making and selling on Etsy. Having been a puppet lover since her days doing puppeteering for Children's Church at the church we grew up in (and met through), she has really found her niche designing and making puppets of all kinds (like "PJ - Funny Bunny" at left). She also designs other stuffed-like things that can sit on a shelf or desk or make a great plaything for kiddos.

If you have kids or are interested in puppeteering yourself, take a look at her cute stuff. She is one fantastic gal with a silly sense of humor and very creative. Here's to you Theresa!

Here's her Etsy site:
Or her blog:

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