1850s Wrapper Project

A week ago, I started on a new project: a recreation of an 1850s wrapper. This post is mainly a catch-up of what I've done with it so far, so I'll cover the basics. First, I bought the fabric from Reproduction Fabrics--a fabulous place to get repro fabrics. It's a paisley stripe pattern with cream and red as it's main colors. I dig it. :o) Second, I used Atlanta's pattern from the original as a base and started cutting it out and sewing it up. It was fairly easy--just like a regular dress except the front of the bodice was lengthened to the floor and stretched out across the folded width of 45" fabric. I pleated in the shoulders (do this after fitting the muslin under-bodice) and scalloped the front edge, per the original. Here are some pics to show where I'm at thus far. The originals are shown first:

And here are my photos:


Me said...

Nice :) What exactly is a wrapper?

Dixygrl said...

You have a lovely and informative blog. Congratulations on the baby by-the-way.I am currently wanting to sew up a wrapper and like what you have put together. I clicked on the "Atlanta's" pattern to find out where to buy the pattern but I could not find the link. Could you please let me know where you bought the pattern that you used? I am planning to use your site to help me along on this project. Thank You, Deborah