Fun on a rainy day.

Make an ocean in a bottle!  I remember our class in elementary school having one of these.  It was so fascinating to me to watch the "waves" I made by rocking the bottle.  Just take an empty bottle, fill it half way with water, add food coloring of your choice, and then fill the rest of the way up with oil.  If I'd had a clear oil on hand, I would have used that, but I only had cooking oil, which has a yellow tint.  After that, glue on the lid (the glue is a safety precaution) and you have an instant ocean!  Fun stuff!  Victoria loved playing with it.

Although she is still far too small to understand anything about it, when she's older, the Ocean In A Bottle is a fun science experiment about the properties of oil and water.  Besides, it's fun to play with.  And kind of relaxing.  Enjoy!

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Sarah W said...

I will remember that as a good and unexpensive toy when I have children. I was always fascinated by them - still am, even though I know how they work :)