Little Sprouts.

:: tomato sprouts ::

:: sleeping sprout ::


Lauren said...

I love your little sleeping sprout. So cute!

Sarah said...

She is so adorable! One could look at a sleeping baby forever, I think. Tomato sprouts look great too!

Emily said...

So cute! I have never grown tomatoes from seeds. Do you grow heirloom varieties, or just regular ones?

In response to your comment, I have a dozen Gerber prefolds that someone gave me. They are pretty much worthless except for as burp cloths. The diaper service quality Chinese prefolds are at least twice as thick and much more solidly woven. I don't think it's even worth trying with the ones you find at Target or Wal*Mart.

Thanks for the cover recommendation. Perhaps I will try one of those with the next baby...

Sarah W said...

I like to see things grow.... might be the farmer blood past down to me through the generations - probably all the way back to Adam and Eve :)

I like to watch little human plants too - and your's a dear.

Waterrose said... cute. Just to watch things grow is amazing.