Infant Chemise Try-On

Thought I'd do a fitting of the infant chemise to see how it works out.
This is the 6-month size on a 4-month old, 16lb baby.
The bottom photo shows how the neckline lays.


Mrs. G said...

What a little doll face! And those thighs! Dear me. :-) Too much sweetness. The chemise fits her really well and looks comfy.


Robin's Egg Bleu said...

I love the expression on her face! So deadpan, as if she's saying, 'yeah, are we done with this yet?"

Absolutely adorable!

Lauren said...

So cute! I love the chemise on her, just darling.

Sarah said...

I'm with Mrs. G., I love her thighs. :) Malachi has long and sinewy ones right now - all the boys do in fact - maybe if I have a girl she'll have chunky little thighs like that. :)

The chemise looks great and very comfortable!