Dress-Up Time!

So she seems to like her cap after all. She's been wearing it all day today. :) Yay! Then I decided I'd do a dress-up session with her period clothing that I have done thus far:

(Get used to it, baby! You were born to a mama who loves to sew!)

Here's her regular petticoat.

Here's the quilted wool petticoat.

She suddenly decided she didn't want to pose by herself -- she had to sit on mama's lap. :) This is that quickie plain dress I did recently, plus the cap.
(I love that cap on her!)

She was starting to get tired, can you tell??

This is the coat and hood. I still need a hook/eye on the coat, plus ties on the hood and tack down the brim. Also, I put the hood on right over the cap, just because at the December reenactment, the wind can be so chilly that I don't want her ears to get cold. I figure it'd be an extra bolster against a chill.


The Dreamstress said...

The only thing more adorable than your daughter on her own is your daughter in period attire!

Robin's Egg Bleu said...

She's an angel! Babies should be dressed like this always.

Amy said...

Thanks ladies! I think she's adorable too...but then, I'm biased. :) I can't wait to make little hoop dresses!

Lauren said...

Soooo adorable. I think she should always dress that way.

Mrs. G said...

How coincidental that you did this post, I wanted to do one on Asa's 3 week birthday which is tomorrow. Victoria looks like an absolute angel, in the last shot especially!