Baby progress

Thanks to information from Stephanie over at the Sewing Academy, I have drafted a little saque coat for Victoria, made large so she'll [hopefully] fit in it in December. I was just going to do pink silk lining and that cream wool for the outer layer, but then I said to myself: "Self, I have this wonderful plaid silk in the closet just waiting to be made up into a dress, and wouldn't the pinks in that plaid go perfectly with this wool and this lining?" They did. :)

So I did a wide edge trimming, which I really like. Now I'm thinking of adding a wider, cape-like collar to go on it, but can't really find historical references to that. I didn't add a batting layer of any kind -- not even flannel. The wool itself is pretty warm, and since we don't get terribly cold here in Texas...(shrug). Maybe I should have added a layer. I can still add one. What do you think?

If the good Lord is willing and the crick don't rise, I'll finish this saque and make a matching hood (a scaled-down version of Sarah Jane's Toddler Hood), and perhaps I'll try to make some little wool shoes. (I loved Malachi's little shoes!!) She should be nice and warm during our December reenactment.


Lauren said...

Very cute! I love the binding on the edge.

lissawi said...

Gush! That is gorgeous! I love the plaid trim!